Q.P.I.-Macer Sweden - Delivering PCB Solutions


Q.P.I.-Macer Sweden is a One-Stop-Shop for all types of PCB and we strive to provide the best Customer service with short response times and a personal treatment. We only use safe and reputable manufacturers, known for their excellent process control.


We specialize in printed circuit board and manufacturability throughout the value chain. We use technical skills in order to reduce the cost of the PCB and the finished product and offer very competitive prices.



  • All types of printed circuit boards
  • Best customer service
  • Very competitive prices
  • Only safe and reputable manufacturers
  • Specialists in PCB design
  • Customer-specific seminars


As product owners Your interest is to create the best product in the market:

  • We can support You in the design phase in order to minimize the amount of prototypes
  • We can act as support to Your designers
  • We quality assure the producability

Except from correct price, response, quality, lead time and delivery precision:

  • All types of prototypes and preseries
  • Access to all Your documentation
  • Quality assured Documentation
  • Panelized boards

We will support You during the entire lifecycle, regardless of where in the world Your production is taking place:

  • Advanced Forecast Management
  • Decreased Financial Exposure
  • Shorter Lead time
  • Volume Benefits
  • Ongoing Cost Control
  • Customer Service